Macy's Seasonal Retail Receiving Support - Afternoons, Flex: Mall Of Georgia

The Job Holder
Buford, GA, USA
Dec 08, 2019

Client Name



Numerical Skills: 

  1. Essential math capacities, for example, expansion, subtraction, increase, and division. 
  2. Ready to utilize a number cruncher. 

Thinking Ability: 

Self-starter, ready to work autonomously and as a major aspect of a group and should have great time the executive's aptitudes. 

Physical Demands: 

  1. This position includes steady moving and standing. 
  2. Includes representing at any rate two back to back hours. 
  3. Includes lifting in any event 30 lbs. 
  4. May every so often include coming to, stooping, bowing, squatting, and ascending stepping stools. 
  5. May include coming to the above eye level. Includes close vision, shading vision, profundity recognition, and center modification.