Customer Service Agent

The Job Holder
Burbank, CA, USA
Dec 10, 2019

Client Name

GAT Airline Ground Support



  1. Ready to welcome and help all clients in a brief, amicable, and polite way via telephone and face to face. 
  2. Must have the option to declare both approaching and outbound flights. 
  3. Handle charge cards, and individual check exchanges with precision and appropriately represent all assortments and lead the suitable aircraft closeout strategies. 
  4. Acknowledge and procedure checked stuff weighing up to 100 lbs. also, put on transport lines. 
  5. Specialists are additionally required to work jetways to put them in a position preceding flying machine appearance and lifting, opening, shutting, and verifying airship entryways. 
  6. Use carrier PC frameworks to give flight appearance and takeoff data, ticketing and flight loading up records, lost or harmed stuff documentation, and payload following data. 
  7. Ready to stand and work in one area for as long as four hours one after another. 
  8. You might be answerable for accompanying unaccompanied minors and handicapped travelers all through the air terminal. 
  9. Work autonomously without direct supervision.