Grocery Clerk

The Job Holder
Grovetown, GA 30813, USA
Dec 11, 2019

Client Name

Kroger Stores


Basic Job Functions: 

  1. Advance trust and regard among partners. 
  2. Make a domain that empowers clients to feel welcome, significant and increased in value by addressing questions in regards to items sold inside the office and all through the store. 
  3. Pick up and keep up information on items sold inside the division and have the option to react to questions and make recommendations about items. 
  4. Offer item tests to assist clients with finding new things or items they ask about. 
  5. Educate clients regarding staple specials. 
  6. Furnish clients with new items that they have requested. 
  7. Prescribe basic food item things to clients to guarantee they get the items they need and need. 
  8. Check item quality to guarantee freshness. The survey "sell by" dates and make a proper move. 
  9. Name, stock and stock office stock. 
  10. Report item requesting/shipping inconsistencies to the division administrator. 
  11. Show an uplifting frame of mind. 
  12. Remain flow with the present, future, occasional and extraordinary promotions. 
  13. Stick to all sanitation guidelines and rules. 
  14. Guarantee appropriate temperatures in cases and coolers are kept up and temperature logs are kept up. 
  15. Strengthen wellbeing programs by agreeing to security techniques and distinguish dangerous conditions and tell store the board. 
  16. Practice preventive support by appropriately investigating gear and inform suitable division or head supervisor of any things needing a fix. 
  17. Tell the board of client or representative mishaps. 
  18. Report all dangers or issues, and criminal behavior, including burglary, robbery or extortion. 
  19. Must have the option to play out the fundamental elements of this situation with or without a sensible settlement.