Customer Service Associate

The Job Holder
Hahira, GA, USA
Dec 11, 2019

Client Name

Harveys Retail Stores


Essential Responsibilities and Accountabilities 

  1. Give persistent regard for client needs; welcome, help and thank clients in a brief, obliging and cordial way. 
  2. Address client issues/grievances and resolve to full fulfillment of client quickly, inside organization rules while keeping up self-restraint and polished methodology; properly raise issues to the board with an uplifting frame of mind. 
  3. Arrange day by day store money and bookkeeping capacities as per organization rules, approaches and techniques and the executive's guidance. 
  4. Keep up information on front end tasks and remain current on changes in approaches and methods so as to protect and proactively bolster office administration levels and responsibility. 
  5. Oversee ACM paths as per organization models and approaches; guarantee every self-checkout path is appropriately opened, fitting reports are printed and money support prerequisites are performed. 
  6. Investigate issues with front end gear through self-improvement symbol on a PC work area or by reaching the retail administration help work area as required. 
  7. Stock front final results; restock and use supply things proficiently to dispense with squander and to keep up the most reduced inventory cost. 
  8. Display proficient phone decorum and guarantee associated with the proper office or partner. 
  9. Keep up the classification of data. 
  10. Set up disposed of or returned stock. 
  11. Perform clerk partner obligations, as important. 
  12. Perform evaluating obligations, as important. 
  13. Keep work territory perfect, systematic and free from security perils; report flawed hardware and dangers to the executives. 
  14. Advise the executives of partner burglary, customer shoplifting, unapproved mark-downs, property ruination or any activity that is illicit as well as against organization strategy. 

Perform other occupation-related obligations as allocated.