Grocery Associate

The Job Holder
Cordele, GA, USA
Dec 11, 2019

Client Name

Harveys Retail Stores


Essential Responsibilities and Accountabilities 

  1. Give ceaseless thoughtfulness regarding client needs; welcome, help and thank clients in a brief, gracious and benevolent way. 
  2. Offer item proposals when proper. 
  3. Stock and turn office (staple, general product, dairy and solidified nourishment regions) items to guarantee freshness and date control; restock and use supply things effectively to dispose of waste and to keep up the most minimal stockpile cost. 
  4. Work division hardware and apparatuses. 
  5. Help with getting seller stock. 
  6. Empty truck conveyances expeditiously. 
  7. Advise the board of partner burglary, client shoplifting, unapproved mark-downs, property destruction or any activity that is illicit as well as against the organization approach. 
  8. Perform other occupation-related obligations as allowed.