PT Center Store (Grocery) Associate

The Job Holder
Rome, GA, USA
Dec 11, 2019

Client Name

Food Lion


Obligations and Responsibilities: 

  1. Keep up a climate of energetic client mindfulness with an essential accentuation on quick, well disposed, and precise client assistance to make a positive shopping experience 
  2. Respectful and supportive to different partners 
  3. Clean retires and rack label moldings with a moist material, as required, when stocking 
  4. Keep up rack designations by stocking from tag to tag 
  5. Spot just saleable product on the racks 
  6. Guarantee that requesting, getting, arrangement, molding and showing of product is done as per approaches and rules 
  7. Comprehend and use organization instruments, for example, normal cost stock framework (ACIS) and requesting (CAO) 
  8. Keep up a total comprehension of and adherence to organization rules, arrangements, and standard practice 
  9. Comprehend and pursue Food Safety and Workplace Safety rules and strategies 
  10. Watch and address every single perilous condition that could cause partner or client mishaps 
  11. Report all partner and client mishaps as per set up Food Lion systems to the Manager on Duty 
  12. Guarantee consistency with the neighborhood, state, and government guidelines 
  13. Wear the Food Lion uniform, total with name identification, when on obligation, has a perfect and clean appearance while holding fast to the Food Lion clothing regulation 
  14. Effectively complete Computer Based Training (CBT), Training Packet and Training Aid courses 
  15. Play out every other obligation as doled out