The Job Holder
Oxford, GA 30054, USA
Dec 14, 2019

Client Name

Compass Group USA


Fundamental Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Scratches and flushes nourishment from messy dishes and washes them by hand or places them in racks or on transport to dishwashing machine contingent upon appointed gear. Guarantees total tidiness and sanitation. 
  2. Washes pots, skillet, and plate dependent on allowed techniques. Guarantee total neatness and sanitation. 
  3. Shines silver utilizing polishing machine tumbler, concoction plunge, buffing haggle fabric relying upon doled out gear and methods. Guarantees total neatness and sanitation. 
  4. Guarantees consistency with delineated wellbeing techniques. 
  5. Keeps up temperatures and substance levels as illustrated by gave guidelines. 
  6. Keeps dish territory systematic and in consistence with wellbeing norms. 
  7. Scopes and mops kitchen floors to guarantee consistency with wellbeing and sanitation guidelines. 
  8. Washes worktables, dividers, fridges, meat squares, and other nourishment prep surfaces. 
  9. Evacuates garbage and spots it in assigned compartments. Steam cleans or hoses out trash jars. 
  10. Moves supplies and gear among capacity and work territories. 
  11. Helps stack and empty supplies and items. 

Performs different obligations as allocated.