The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Dec 14, 2019

Client Name

Compass Group USA


Fundamental Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Performs deals with exchanges in a convenient manner. 
  2. Enters all deals into the sales register to guarantee buys are precisely recorded. 
  3. Makes change, acknowledges declining balance cards and other adequate types of installment; issues receipts to clients. 
  4. Keeps standard techniques for giving money discounts. 
  5. Associates with clients and resolves client protests in an inviting, administration situated way. 
  6. Answerable for all doled out change assets and money receipts guaranteeing that money cabinet is in consistence with overage/deficiency norms. 
  7. Watches client buys in the bistro line and separates between standard bits. 
  8. Recharges sauces, espresso, different drinks and general supplies while keeping up tidiness of administrative regions. 
  9. Keeps baked good case supplied. 
  10. Guarantees consistency with organization administration models and stock and money control techniques. 
  11. Guarantees consistency with all sanitation, ServSafe and security necessities. 
  12. Performs different obligations as appointed.