The Job Holder
Goleta, CA, USA
Dec 15, 2019

Client Name

Compass Group USA


Employment Summary 

Outline: Prepares, displays and serves nourishment as required. 

Fundamental Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Performs prep work, for example, washing, stripping, cutting and seeding foods grown from the ground. 
  2. Gauges and measures assigned fixings. 
  3. Conveys skillet, pots and plate of nourishment to and from work stations, stove and fridge as per wellbeing models. 
  4. Stores nourishment in assigned territories following wrapping, dating, sanitation and pivot systems. 
  5. Cleans work territories, hardware and utensils. 
  6. Disseminates supplies, utensils and compact gear. 
  7. Uses endorsed nourishment plans and create benchmarks to guarantee the legitimate quality, serving temperatures and standard bit control. 
  8. Serves clients in a well disposed of, productive way following laid out strides of administration. 
  9. Resolves client concerns and transfers pertinent data to chief. 
  10. Guarantees consistency with organization administration models and stock and money control methodology. 
  11. Guarantees consistency with all sanitation and security prerequisites. 
  12. Performs different obligations as allocated.