Medical Front Office Administrator

The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Dec 30, 2019

Client Name

Hanger Inc.


Least Qualification: 

  1. A secondary school certificate or GED required. 
  2. 2 years of office managerial experience 
  3. A substantial driver's permit and driving record inside the measures delineated inside Hanger's Motor Vehicle Safety Policy and Procedures. 

Favored Qualifications and Experiences: 

  1. At any rate 1 year of involvement in electronic wellbeing/medicinal record frameworks (ideally NextGen or potentially OnBase). 
  2. Working information on HIPAA and other therapeutic protection guidelines and phrasing for private payer, state and government plan including coding, charging and repayment conventions. 
  3. Capacity to type 40 right words for each moment. 
  4. In any event 2 years of PC and office gear experience including MS Office items (Word, Excel), email and mechanized charging frameworks, copy machines, number cruncher, postage machine, copiers, and so on. 
  5. Essential managerial bookkeeping abilities.