Unit Secretary - Medical Surgical

The Job Holder
Cumming, GA, USA
Jan 04, 2020

Client Name

Northside Hospital


Position Description 

Performs general administrative and gathering obligations as per the needs of the patient unit or office. The position is portrayed by planning and keeping up understanding diagrams, deciphering doctor requests, and entering data into an electronic patient consideration framework. Works with patients of all age bunches aside from neonate. 

Position Requirements 


1. One (1) year past involvement with an administrative position.

2. Essential information on restorative wording.

3. Capacity to type. Liked:

  • 1. Involvement with a patient consideration, or any clinic/therapeutic administrative position.
  • 2. Exhibits essential PC aptitudes.
  • 3. Exhibited administration greatness abilities.
  • 4. Must have great relational abilities. 

Permit/Certification Requirements: No