Cashier Receptionist - Grade 3

The Job Holder
San Francisco, CA, USA
Jan 05, 2020

Client Name

Kaiser Permanente


The clerk/secretary is an individual from the social insurance office group who works under the heading direction and supervision of the office director, associate chief, or designee. The clerk/secretary welcomes and checks in all patients answering to the restorative office is an expert and affable way. This position is liable for exact registration, registration where relevant, data catch and income assortment per system. Liable for having general information on the restorative focus so as to help patients with questions and concerns. Requires broad utilization of the PC. 

Fundamental Responsibilities: 

  • Gathering, Check-In, Check-out (where appropriate): 
  • Welcome and help patients that present; pursue suitable patient enlistment/registration arrangements and methodology; check or potentially update all segment data, for instance, Personal Physician Selection, Language Preference. 
  • Working information on Health Plan inclusion types, for instance (yet not constrained to) conventional, deductible, and so forth. 
  • Check-in patients by following registration approaches and methodology and utilizing the registration frameworks or manual visit record when the frameworks are down; decide patient's participation/benefits as indicated by the advantage show; make accounts as vital, for instance (however not restricted to) laborers' remuneration, private, and so forth.; catch and populate laborers' pay information on the right screens and select the right inclusion as essential. 
  • Oversee electronic in-container; use notes work where material to archive prepayments; get a patient restorative record number when fundamental; request Health Plan cards varying. 
  • Gather co-pays and charges; advise patients regarding accessible installment choices. 
  • Create fitting experience structures per strategy electronically or physically if the framework is down. 
  • Direct patients to the suitable territory after the registration procedure is finished. 
  • Look at patients by following checkout arrangements and methodology and utilizing the checkout frameworks or manual visit records when the frameworks are down if material. 
  • Pursue suitable methodology while enrolling special case type patients, for example, non-individuals, out-of-zone wellbeing plan individuals, Medicare, Media-Cal, and mechanical patients. 
  • Start and finish the required structures for all arrangements per strategy. Access vital data from the expense timetable to decide fitting charges dependent on CPT-4 and additionally administration codes so as to gather suitable income. 
  • Help patients by clarifying co-pays/relevant charges; giving office bearings; alluding to different divisions and managerial administrations for additional data, e.g., Member Services, Medical Secretaries, and Business Office; starting and finishing fitting structures varying, for instance, Release Of Information, Patient Financial Responsibility; following referrals to strength care by using the meeting/referral framework varying in those regions where this obligation as of now exists for the person in this arrangement - where this duty isn't a piece of a current position, it can't be included without composed understanding as a component of the LMP. 
  • Exhibit information on and application to Patient Administration Appointment Registration (PARRS). 
  • Keep up the patient's will-call zone box if relevant. 
  • Speak with clinical and business office staff varying. 
  • Money Handling, Reconciliation and Deposit: 
  • Handle money as per the Cash Handling Responsibility Agreement. 
  • Agree to all material money taking care of approaches and systems (see reference list) 
  • The enlistment designee is answerable for the protection of progress reserves, all income gathered during the move, all allowed income archives, and all keys relegated for money control. 
  • Acquire, secure, and guarantee adequate sections to give change. 
  • Accommodate move and store assets as indicated by the Cash Handling Responsibility Agreement. 
  • Utilize the right methodology to record and report inconsistencies. 


  • Progressing in the direction of positive operational results. 
  • Perform different obligations as required. 
  • Supervisory Responsibilities - this activity has no supervisory duties.