Referral Coordinator - Health Information Services

The Job Holder
Anderson, CA 96007, USA
Jan 05, 2020

Client Name

Shasta Community Health Center



  1. Gets and forms approvals in an opportune way. Calendars all solicitations for referrals and treatment approvals. Amending referrals when required dependent on accessibility and assets. 
  2. Acquires approvals from different protection bearers by means of telephone, recorded as a hard copy or electronic media. 
  3. Calendars arrangement for claim to fame care, exceptional investigations or other subordinate administrations as mentioned by the essential consideration doctor. 
  4. Directions care inside the rules of numerous wellbeing plans, agreements or protection types. 
  5. Imparts referral criteria with clinicians 
  6. Reacts instantly to requests as to current status of approval by surveying the solicitation and assessing the conditions to give the right data. 
  7. Starts the fitting documentation of solicitations from fortes workplaces for kept/continuous consideration. 
  8. Follows-up on missing documentation to acquire approval or planning when suitable. Record the status of referrals. 
  9. Utilizations different modules of the PC framework to acquire data, plan arrangements, inquiry data and get approvals. 
  10. Records approaching reports relating to referrals for doled out claims to fame. 
  11. Conveying claim to fame reports for Inbound visits.