Rehab Authorization Coord

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Atlanta, GA, USA
Jan 06, 2020

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The Rehab Authorization Coordinator (RAC) will oversee and organize the approval parades for recovery patients that have payers that require approval preceding treatment. 

Fundamental Functions 

  1. Works adequately with insurance agencies to get pre-approval finished in an opportune way 
  2. Sort out and track the advancement of the approvals 
  3. Speak with the Rehab Program Managers (RPMs) all the time, keeping them proficient of what medications are approved and which are not, on a for each patient premise 
  4. Ready RPMs when patients are moving toward the finish of their approved windowVerifies budgetary information for charging purposes for example check benefits, affirm inclusion to guarantee repayment 
  5. Manufacture information and create administrative abilities planned for making the procedure as proficient as could be expected under the circumstances (documenting, logging, information passage, and so forth.) 
  6. Refresh and keep up all related contacts; inner and outer 
  7. Keep up precise records on all approvals, keeping the information spotless and simple to pursue/oversee 
  8. Work a couple with different RACs; sharing tips, desk work, contact data, and other supportive propensities 
  9. Organizes remaining task at hand and creates a framework to follow earlier approvals requiring extra development 
  10. Play out every single other obligation as appointed