Administrative Assistant III - Santa Monica

The Job Holder
Van Nuys, CA 91403, USA
Jan 07, 2020

Client Name

UCLA Health



Under the supervision of the Managers, liable for getting approval for and planning chemotherapy, infusions, and strategies inside the workplace, at UCLA offices, and at outside offices. Give an elevated level of client support. Significant obligations include: checking protection benefits for mentioned techniques and drugs, affirming and acquiring suitable approval for office visits, methods, chemotherapy, and so on., and exceptional ventures as relegated. 


Required: Working information on protection approval and confirmation process for significant restorative protection plans. Composing abilities to plan structures and correspondence with speed and exactness. Has solid client support aptitudes to advance wonderful and viable collaborations with patients, staff, and doctors. Information on charging and finding codes and therapeutic office systems. Capacity to set needs and complete assignments in a convenient way under insignificant supervision. Working information on therapeutic phrasing. Progressed authoritative abilities to guarantee a functional, productive workspace and achieve set up targets. Expertise in adjusting to and executing habitually evolving systems. Information on State and Federal projects to guarantee repayment from Medicare, Medi-Cal, or other supporting organizations. Aptitude in examining data, issues, circumstances, practices, and systems to perceive choices and give arrangements. Capacity to issue unravel with different individuals from the center group while keeping up agreeable working associations with overseers, doctors, peers, and general society. Expertise in perceiving a crisis or high need circumstance and making proper and quick move. Shown capacity to keep up poise when gone up against by troublesome circumstances and to react expertly. Expertise in talking unmistakably and utilizing suitable language structure. Capacity to function as a major aspect of a group, keeping up classification in all assignments, and indicating activity in recognizing and taking care of issues as they happen.