Medical Assistant- Santa Monica

The Job Holder
Santa Monica, CA, USA
Jan 09, 2020

Client Name

UCLA Health



In this job, you will take part in absolute patient consideration, help with getting ready 

patients for assessments, methods and minor medical procedures, managing and 

recording drugs, draw and procedure labs, going about as a patient contact, and 

stock and keeping up test and strategy rooms. Capacity to use the 

College's EMR (EPIC/CareConnect) to process the patient through the visit 

counting however not constrained to: show up/room patients, precisely take and record 

fundamental signs, record important information components as laid out in extent of work, acquire 

lab results and patient reports, encourage solutions as illustrated in scope 

of work, guarantee right electronic graphing systems, encourage assent 

process utilizing the electronic program (iMed), encourage follow-up arrangement 

planning, furnish persistent with finished After Visit Summary (AVS) and react 

to In-Basket warnings and finish or advance to fitting individual(s) 

in an opportune way. Go about as a staff individual in the workplace, helping with quiet 

care and keeping up exclusive requirements of care in the network workplaces. Have the option to 

work with negligible supervision.