Registered Nurse New Grad

The Job Holder
Pasadena, CA, USA
Jan 13, 2020

Client Name

Huntington Hospital


At the point when you join Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, CA, you are adjusting yourself to an association whose qualities drive our way of thinking of care. Our attention on conveying quality, administration, and front line care, empowers Huntington Hospital to be an association focused on quiet results, not the reality. All the more critically, it engages you to institute change and convey the outcomes that ceaselessly improve our capacity to furnish our locale with care. 



Liable for coordination of care to address distinguished issues of the patient/family. Administers the administration of patient consideration using basic reasoning and nursing process, release arranging, asset distinguishing proof, connecting and booking patients with required administrations, checking care conveyance, pushing for the patient, carefully to arrange and assessing results. Directions understanding consideration over the medicinal services continuum, and helps other colleagues with meeting singular patient needs. This position may require the adaptability of hours. Training: For inner advancements to an RN New Grad or for employees between 9/1/15 â€" 5/1/2018, must be as of now taken on a BSN or MSN program and degree must be finished inside 3 years of DOH or date of progress to an RN position. Compelling for New Hires after 5/1/18, BSN or higher required. Confirmation or transcripts on the most elevated degree earned required. Experience/Training: Active investment and effective finishing of doled out New Grad preparing program, required. Effective finishing of Basic Dysrhythmia course educational plan inside 60 days of the contract, required. Essential PC abilities/involvement in electronic documentation frameworks required. Licenses/Certifications: Current dynamic unlimited RN permit gave by the State of California required. Current American Heart Association BLS Provider required. Aptitudes: Care of the Bariatric Patient Care of the Trauma Patient