Nurse Consultant Telephonic Case Management

The Job Holder
Jan 14, 2020

Client Name



Gallagher Bassett is the head supplier of worldwide cases administrations, devoted to outstanding client assistance and certifiably unrivaled results. GB helps individuals, groups and organizations defeat affliction and misfortune through the controlling skill of more than 5,000 cases experts, all dedicated to going past desires in the persistent quest for a superior way. 

Position Summary: 

Gives therapeutic administration to laborers' remuneration harmed workers. Performs case the executives through telephonic contact with every single therapeutic supplier, businesses, claims experts and subordinate specialist co-ops. 

Fundamental Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Oversee restorative consideration so as to return harmed representative to pre-damage status. 
  • Audits administrations of medicinal and restoration suppliers and organizes and arranges proper assessment, treatment, and directing. 
  • Speaks with the doctor, harmed laborer, business, referral source, and some other asset engaged with specialist's restoration program. 
  • Assesses home consideration administrations and gear and decides the requirement for home adjustments. 
  • Directions home consideration. 
  • Speaks with managers to decide work prerequisites of pre-damage occupation and to investigate light-obligation, changed, or substitute work as vital. 
  • Dissects aftereffects of treatment and therapeutic status and audits approaching supplier reports. 
  • Distinguishes reasonable work openings steady with a person's restorative restrictions/capacities, aptitudes, and interests to reestablish individual to most extreme freedom. 
  • Creates reports to referral source to impart case status, discoveries, and suggestions. 
  • Produces correspondence to the referral source, medicinal suppliers, harmed specialist and different gatherings engaged with the recovery procedure. 
  • Partakes on the off chance that gatherings via phone, and takes an interest in inward and outer preparing to upgrade and keep up therapeutic capability. 
  • Archives case the board perceptions, appraisal, and plan in the framework. 
  • Must keep up a case burden to help at least 145 hours of billable or stock of least of 72 documents month to month with 95% Quality consistence anticipated.