Occupational Health Nurse - 1st Shift

The Job Holder
Pendergrass Flea Market - La Vaquita, U.S. 129, Pendergrass, GA, USA
Jan 14, 2020

Client Name

Wayne Farms


Obligations AND TASKS: 

  • Survey post-offer therapeutic history data with the worker, evaluate any worries and make suggestions for referral or confinements as considered fitting. 
  • Perform tranquilize screening per enlisting approach. 
  • Regulate nursing care for business-related and non-business related wounds and sicknesses following fitting word related wellbeing nursing rules, calculations, and restorative mandates; allude cases to doctors as proper and showed. 
  • Help with medicinal cost the executives of the plant through early mediation in care of representatives and giving on-proceeding to catch up nursing care. 
  • Visit correspondence required with laborers pay agent, caseworkers, and suppliers engaged with the arrangement of care to harmed representatives. 
  • Complete electronic recordkeeping for representatives, reporting care and communications. Keep up OSHA recordkeeping. 
  • Bolster security work at areas. 
  • Create health activities and projects that line up with organization objectives and heading. 
  • Regulate medical aid and crisis care per medicinal orders or conventions. 
  • Bolster ergonomic and security activities including Ergonomic Job Measurement System and Behavioral Based Safety Program. 
  • Oversee respiratory assurance, the person on call and bloodborne pathogen programs for workers. 
  • Lead new contract direction identified with security/therapeutic. 
  • Control medication and liquor screens per organization arrangements. 
  • Prompt, mentor and instruct workers on safeguard wellbeing and health. 
  • Give initiative in perceiving and forestalling work environment dangers. 
  • Advance a sheltered workplace and fill in as an individual from Safety Steering Committee. 
  • Keep up satisfactory medicinal supplies for the office. 
  • Enter medicinal stockpile buy demands into buying the board programming or other affirmed technique 
  • Help with mishap examinations. 
  • Speak with medicinal, legitimate and protection workforce. Speak to the site in suit procedures for laborers' pay. 
  • Different duties as delegated by the executives and site authority.