Registered Nurse

The Job Holder
Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
Jan 16, 2020

Client Name

Crossover Health


About Crossover Health 

Hybrid makes striking wellbeing conceivable by bringing individuals, their primary care physicians, information, and advantages together under one associated arrangement of wellbeing. We've manufactured a completely new class of essential consideration giving one straightforward spot to go for confided in care—face to face, on the web, whenever. We are working with the most imaginative business accomplices to incorporate separated wellbeing and health benefits with tech-empowered administrations which enables our accomplices to build access to the mind, decline to spend and convey an unmatched encounter for representatives close and far. This is low maintenance, 20 hours/week, profited position situated in Mountain View, CA. 

Employment Responsibilities 

The Registered Nurse (RN) is a fundamental piece of the collective patient consideration group that supports an uncommon patient encounter. Our RNs are enabled to rehearse and contribute all through the consideration experience. At its center, the RN gives direct patient consideration while showing hireling authority, driving facility-wide groups and utilizing our interdisciplinary way to deal with incorporated consideration. The RN advances a degree of care that goes past industry principles and takes a stab at greatness at each progression. 

Performs proof-based nursing care and patient training 

  1. Performs care the executives by associating patients with experts and following up to guarantee patients are getting the consideration they need 
  2. Uses populace the executive's instruments to guarantee patients get ideal consideration dependent on industry-wide suggestions 
  3. Gives phlebotomy administrations, acts in-house research center tests and works with the supplier to decide how and when to convey claim to fame labs 
  4. Screens for antibody preventable infections and controls essential consideration and travel-related inoculations 
  5. Oversees RN timetable and propriety of arrangements. Steps up to the plate and contact patients when required and show information on when to counsel with a supplier 
  6. Agrees to all approaches, methodology, and conventions of the work on, including performing explicit consideration compelled 
  7. Gives general triage administrations to walk-ins and via telephone. Surveys patient's needs, counsel supplier when required and direct proper consideration 
  8. Gives incidental on-location care at customer supported occasions, for example, influenza facilities and biometric screenings 
  9. Takes an interest in quality improvement projects to guarantee the training is performing effectively and as per Crossover's strategies 
  10. Shows capability in the utilization of human services logical apparatuses, frameworks, and investigation 
  11. Takes an interest in the execution of new wellbeing advancements, items, administrations, and projects that set up the XO Medical Group as a perceived idea pioneer for manager based human services and way of life drug programs 
  12. Oversees populace wellbeing projects and facility outreach activities 
  13. Fills in as an asset to different medical attendants and the consideration group, and partake in the preparation and onboarding of new medical caretakers 
  14. Helps with performing Quality and Compliance checks required on every day, week after week and month to month premise 
  15. Adds to announcing prerequisites identified with episode revealing and consistence