Health Aide-Chatham

The Job Holder
Savannah, GA, USA
Jan 17, 2020

Client Name

Georgia Department of Public Health


Occupation Responsibilities 

Occupation Responsibilities and Performance Standards: 

1. Plans customers for techniques and assessments. Helps with physical preliminary needs. Helps the clinician during the test. 

2. Performs different lab tests, for example, hematocrits, pee, sickle cell, lead, and pregnancy tests. 

3. Measures stature, weight and head and chest boundaries. Performs hearing and vision screening utilizing fitting techniques. Records results on diagrams. 

4. Gets ready center region by gathering and orchestrating hardware and supplies for every facility in an opportune way. 

5. Orchestrates gear in a way generally effective for the clinician 

6. Cleans and gathers supplies and gear as per wellbeing office techniques and approaches. 

7. Takes precise indispensable signs. 

8. Helps customers in following the suggested restorative routine by strengthening directions given by an attendant or specialist. 

9. Aids the advancement and utilization of wellbeing instruction materials in the social setting that is comprehended and acknowledged by the focused on the populace. 

10. Goes to instructive updates and workshops to stay up to date with progress in the human services field. 

11. Gets ready record for clinician by reporting name, address and telephone, Medicaid and standardized savings numbers. Reports age as to year, month and day. 

12. Archives research center outcomes and anthropometric information (or development information) in the record properly. 

13. Keeps up required reports for nearby, region and state reviews as demonstrated by wellbeing office strategy. 

14. Helps with general documenting and recovering of graphs. 

15. Performs information section of research center outcomes, customer arrangements and wanted treatment decisions. 

16. Watches and archives understanding information, conduct and movement 

Least Qualifications 

  • Secondary school certificate or GED AND a half year of involvement with a related field.