LPN/RN - 7:00AM-7:00PM weekdays vary with weekend rotation

The Job Holder
Rome, GA, USA
Jan 17, 2020

Client Name

Highland Rivers Health


7 AM-7 PM - 12-hour shifts 

New Grads Welcome 

The LPN/RN will be working in a Mental Health condition and will give direct support of people, for example, clinical nursing evaluations, labs, infusions, and medicine the executives preparing. 

Emergency adjustment administrations are the first-line option in contrast to the hospitalization in state medical clinics, giving mental adjustment and detoxification to grown-ups over the age of 18 on a momentary premise. Good country Rivers has three emergency adjustment units (CSUs) that work 24 hours per day, 7 days every week as crisis accepting and assessment offices. The CSUs are accessible to inhabitants of every one of the 12 regions Highland Rivers serves. The occupant: 

  1. Uses the multidisciplinary evaluation to take part in the advancement of an extensive individualized assistance/recoup plan. 
  2. Altogether finishes and submits fitting announcing structures to UM when due. 
  3. Finishes all vital documentation as indicated by arrangement and strategy; guarantees people meet qualification criteria or alludes to the fitting suppliers in the network. 
  4. Helps correspondence during booked specialists' visits and helps with understanding prescriptions. 
  5. Answerable for keeping all graphs inconsistency to set guidelines. 
  6. Connection and fill in as backers with different offices to gather required assets for people. 
  7. Gives help and backing in emergency circumstances. 
  8. Guarantees people are seen per usage rules and per the assigned recurrence as expressed on the treatment plan. 
  9. Effectively takes an interest in multidisciplinary treatment/recuperation group gatherings. 
  10. Keeps up restorative expert limits when working with people and families. 
  11. Authorized as an LPN or RN in the territory of GA. 
  12. Emotional well-being experience liked. 
  13. PC, authoritative and educating aptitudes. Capacity to work with negligible supervision. 
  14. Must have the option to pass foundation examination, medicate screen and have great 7yr. engine vehicle report.