Workers Compensation Coordinator

The Job Holder
Savannah, GA, USA
Jan 17, 2020

Client Name

Optim Healthcare


Optim Orthopedics is looking for an all-day Workers' Compensation Coordinator for our Savannah area. 

Occupation Requirements: 

  1. Calendars beginning specialists' pay arrangements. 
  2. Acquires laborers pay charging data. 
  3. Works/Communicates between doctors, managers, and insurance agencies. 
  4. Logs all work status gives an account of all specialists pay patients and submit to insurance agency/business. 
  5. Sends specialists correspondence from office visit on all laborers remuneration patients to insurance agency/manager. 
  6. Gets referral approval starting with one doctor then onto the next. 
  7. Compares with insurance agency/manager in regards to the patient's treatment. 
  8. Resolves come back to work and treatment plan issues from insurance agency/business. 
  9. Performs other occupation-related assignments as required.