Caregiver for Cancer

The Job Holder
Pomona, CA, USA
Jan 18, 2020

Client Name

Kindly Care


WHERE: Pomona, CA, customer's home 

At the point when: 3 days/week 5 hrs/day Tue, Thu and Sat 10:00 am-3:00 pm 

Employment TYPE: Part-Time 

PAY RATE: $17/hour 

Compassionately Care is hoping to coordinate an accomplished guardian with an 82-year-old-female customer in Pomona, CA. The consideration collector requires help with washing, toileting, drug the board, and regular checkup. 

Experience thinking about past customers with Cancer is firmly liked. A substantial driver's permit is required. 

Pay for this Part-time work is $17/hr. To apply, if you don't mind total our online structure. Employment id# 897-943-645