Sales Development Representative (Software Sales)

The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Jan 19, 2020

Client Name

Florence HC


Florence Healthcare enables advance fixes by making clinical preliminary to record the board straightforward, secure and profitable. 

What you'll bring to the group 

As a Sales Development Representative, you will answer to the VP of Sales and work close by our Marketing and Sales groups to shape and guide prospects through the showcasing and deals pipe. You will fill in as the scaffold among Marketing and Sales. Prospect instruction is a major piece of the job, and you find a good place to look into experts through the possibility venture. You will approach vital records with the expectation of qualifying and support possibilities. Brilliant relational abilities just as the capacity to be "Chief of your activity" in a quick-paced condition are basic. 

As a Sales Dev Rep, you will: 

  1. Learn and exhibit a comprehension of Florence's answers and the issues they explain. 
  2. Work as a scaffold among advertising and deals. Comprehend destinations of showcasing efforts and use them viably for outreach. 
  3. Proselytize and qualify. Utilize powerful judgment to put resources into ventures where the profile is a solid match. 
  4. Instruct prospects about our answers. Have discussions with the possibilities to share data and check enthusiasm for our answers. 
  5. Keep up a significant level of commitment and coordinated effort with customers and inner partners to keep up smooth progress through deals cycles. 
  6. Report all possibility/client-related collaborations in 
  7. Speak to Florence with an elevated level of polished methodology at industry gatherings and public expos. 
  8. Develop. This is a self-improvement opportunity. Be instructed by experienced deals pioneers that will control your advancement to different deals jobs.