Rep PS I (Phleb)- Grass Valley, California

The Job Holder
Grass Valley, CA, USA
Jan 20, 2020

Client Name

Quest Diagnostics


Employment Summary 

The Patient Services Representative I (PSR I) speaks to the substance of our organization to patients who come to Quest Diagnostics, both as a major aspect of their wellbeing routine or for bits of knowledge into life-characterizing wellbeing choices. The PSR I draws quality blood tests from patients and readies those examples for lab testing while at the same time following built up practices and strategies. The PSR I have direct contact with patients and makes an environment of trust and certainty while disclosing methods to patients and drawing blood examples in a dexterous, sheltered and exact way. The PSR I will show Quest Leadership Behaviors while concentrating on process greatness abilities and affectability to classification and precision to quiet data. Effective candidates might be relegated to work in a specialist's office, a patient help focus, in a house call condition, or as business needs direct. 

Employment Accountabilities (Responsibilities) 

1. Collect examples as per set up strategies. This incorporates, yet not restricted to: tranquilize screens, biometric screening, and protection tests. 

2. Administer oral arrangements as per set up preparing. 

3.Research test/customer data and affirm and confirm all composed and electronic requests by using lab innovation frameworks or catalog of administrations. 

4.Responsible for finishing all information passage necessities precisely including information section of patient enlistment; section of test request from demand or pulling request from the database; overseeing Standing Orders. 

5. Enter charging data and gather installments when required, including the shielding of benefits and Mastercard data. 

6. Data section and preparing examples including marking, centrifuging, parting, and freezing examples as required by test request. 

7. Perform departmental-related administrative obligations when allocated, for example, information passage, stock, stock supplies, and answer telephones when required. 

8. Read, comprehend and conform to departmental approaches, conventions, and systems: (for example Methodology Manuals, Safety Manual, Compliance Manual, Automobile Policies and Procedures, Employee Handbook, Quality Assurance Manual); and guarantee that all staff individuals adhere to guidelines. 

9. Perform check of patient segment information/initials including persistent mark present venipuncture on confirm tubes were named in their essence and that the name on the name is right. 

10. Assist with aggregation and accommodation of month to month measurements and information. 

11. Maintain all proper phlebotomy signs in an opportune way and dependent on recurrence, for example, support logs and temperature logs. 

12. Complete instructional classes and stay up with the latest with the most recent phlebotomy strategies. 

13. Travel to Territory Manager meeting whenever held off-site or off the typical move. 

14. Participate in extraordinary tasks and groups. 

15. Stay forward-thinking on organization interchanges.