Veterinary Kennel Assistant

The Job Holder
Perry, GA 31069, USA
Jan 21, 2020

Client Name

PetVet Care Centers



  1. Secondary school confirmation or GED 
  2. Some experience working at a pet hotel or creature emergency clinic liked 
  3. May think about a proportional blend of instruction, affirmation, preparing, or potentially experience 

Position Requirements: 

  1. Capacity to work with or around wiped out creatures, conceivably dangerous materials, cleaning synthetic substances, gas soporifics, zoonotic sicknesses, and disagreeable scents 
  2. Must be adaptable with booking and ready to work a few ends of the week and occasions 
  3. This is a strenuous activity that requires a ton of lifting, cleaning, and consistent movement 
  4. Contingent upon the useful region of the task, errands may include broadened timeframes at a console or work station as well as expanded timeframes standing or potentially strolling 
  5. May include some climbing, adjusting, stooping, bowing, hunkering, or creeping 
  6. A few undertakings include the intermittent presentation of reasonably physically requesting work, for the most part including lifting or conveying modestly overwhelming creatures (as much as 50 pounds)