Medical Field Case Manager

The Job Holder
Montclair, CA 91710, USA
Jan 22, 2020

Client Name

Examworks Group, Inc



  1. Surveys and investigates harmed specialist's restorative or potentially professional status and builds up a practical, sensible activity plan for most extreme therapeutic improvement from date of referral to conclusion. 
  2. Meets with people in their homes, work-destinations, doctor's or advisor's office to give the continuous case the executives administrations. 
  3. Surveys the doled out an individual to guarantee proper wellbeing measures are set up. 
  4. Actualizes ascertains and records cost investment funds measures. 
  5. Oversees progress towards wanted results. 
  6. Liable for keeping up standard correspondence with the harmed laborer, medicinal suppliers, lawyers, bosses, claims experts, and ECS the board. 
  7. Creates rules for working with patients, medicinal services the executive's organizations, insurance agencies or other outsider payers to decide quality, practical consideration. 
  8. Applies all extraordinary help guidelines required by clients/accounts. 
  9. Suitably applies all laws and guidelines to the arrangement of recovery administrations. 
  10. Varying, vouches for validating any casework or reports that might be esteemed important in contested cases. 
  11. Assesses results and case objectives. 
  12. Gets ready reports and other required documentation for casework exercises. 
  13. Organizes referrals, interviews, helpful administrations, and deliberates with different masters in regards to the course of care and treatment. 
  14. Maintains relevant state and government administrative prerequisites that administer laborers' pay incapacity. 
  15. Proves case exercises did/administrations rendered in all action reports finished. 
  16. Precisely reports all case movement and billable hours as per customer explicit rules and reliable with organization charging rehearses. 
  17. Meets week after week charging prerequisites (35-40 hours out of every week for full-time Case Managers). 
  18. Goes to all booked telephone calls as commanded by the board. 
  19. Keeps up any necessary qualifications and clings to all codes of morals required by these accreditations. 
  20. Performs different expert obligations as relegated by the board.