Resident Care Coordinator

The Job Holder
Davis, CA, USA
Jan 22, 2020

Client Name

Covell Gardens



  1. Welcome, help, and direct guests as proper. 
  2. Get fax or telephone calls from doctors, drug stores, families and make a suitable move. 
  3. Make duplicates and oversee and update occupant graphs, arrangement books, 911 folio, and MARS. 
  4. Keep up records of due dates for occupant appraisals and educates the Resident Services Director as proper. 
  5. Facilitate transportation of inhabitants to outside Medical Doctor's arrangements. 
  6. Arrange and update in-administration cover and deals with the in-administrations schedule to plan in-administrations and help the Resident Services Director get ready. 
  7. Offer help to cutting edge staff varying. 
  8. Help with refreshing Resident Services Assistant task sheets. 
  9. Help with preparing and backing to new or less experienced helped living staff. 
  10. Directions staff plan. 
  11. Gives reinforcement by performing Resident Services Assistant or Resident Medication Assistant job varying. 
  12. Organize undertakings to guarantee ideal administrations to inhabitants as solicitations and requirements change. 
  13. May perform different obligations as doled out