Law Enforcement Specialist (Instructor)

The Job Holder
Glynco, Dock Junction, GA, USA
Jan 23, 2020

Client Name

US Department of Homeland Security



These positions are situated all through the different preparing divisions of the FLETC. The law implementation topical zones for which we are gathering applications are recorded in the "Capabilities" area. You will have the choice to choose your favored topical area(s), arrangement type, and work routine during the application procedure. 


  • Encouraging essential and propelled law implementation instructional courses. 
  • Arranging, organizing, and executing field preparing and lab works out. 
  • Managing class educational plans. 
  • Observing the advancement of understudies. 
  • Prescribing and executing therapeutic and restorative activity for understudies. 
  • Driving the improvement obviously materials. 
  • Directing examination on developing law authorization advancements, practices, and methods.