Inpatient Rehab Registered Nurse

The Job Holder
Augusta, GA, USA
Jan 23, 2020

Client Name

Doctors Hospital of Augusta - Augusta



We are looking for a Registered Nurse for a full-time, day move (7a-7p) position on our Inpatient Rehab Unit. The Rehab RN is dependable to the Nursing Director/Charge Nurse for the conveyance of value quiet consideration using the nursing procedure. Apply your nursing information got from training and experience as an establishment for understanding consideration, correspondence, and documentation on the unit. 

Basic Core Functions: 

  1. Give quality patient consideration, with regards to the way of thinking and destinations of the emergency clinic and division. 
  2. Keep up and bolster the principles of nursing care and practice so as to meet the social insurance needs of patients, their families, and the network. 
  3. Endorses, delegates and arranges all nursing care gave to appointed patients and is liable for satisfying all guidelines related to execution, nursing practice, and nursing care.