Human Resources Specialist

The Job Holder
Glynco, Dock Junction, GA, USA
Jan 23, 2020

Client Name

US Department of Homeland Security



These positions control, exhort on and convey an assortment of HR items and administrations all through the organization. The executives will depend on you to assist them with applying merit framework standards. Representatives will depend on you to give data and help. Eventually, you will accept a fundamental job in guaranteeing that all gatherings watch merit framework standards in executing their HR-related activities. 


  1. For the Recruitment and Placement practical zone, you will prompt administration on enrollment procedures, sources, and extraordinary projects that accentuate Affirmative Action. 
  2. For the Classification practical region, you will create and assess sets of expectations by applying position grouping criteria and supplemental direction to decide the title, arrangement, and grade of Federal occupations. 
  3. For the Employee Benefits useful zone, you will control the CSRS, FERS, FEHB, FEGLI, Long Term Care Insurance, FSA, TSP, and FECA. 
  4. For the Performance Management useful zone, you will give counsel, help, specialized direction, and arrangement direction to the executives concerning their duties regarding evaluating their workers' presentation. 
  5. For the Employee/Labor Relations useful territories, you will control the executive's authorities and workers concerning all parts of the work the executives and representative relations programs. 
  6. For the HR Development useful zone, you will give counsel and help to the executives concerning the assurance of preparing needs, wellsprings of required preparing, how to address distinguished issues, and assessing results. 
  7. For the HR Information Systems utilitarian zone, you will give specialized counsel and help on the plan, usage, and activity of HR computerized frameworks.