Practice Lead

The Job Holder
Evans, GA 30809, USA
Jan 23, 2020

Client Name

Aspen Dental


Position Summary: 

As a Practice Lead (PL) you, are liable for supporting the District Manager (DM) with the day by day non-clinical tasks of their appointed office; including tolerant fulfillment requests, driving income, benefit, non-clinical group choice, execution, and advancement. PL's are answerable for helping separate the boundaries to all the more likely consideration, better grins, and better lives for patients! 

About Aspen Dental-marked practices 

Aspen Dental-marked practices are freely claimed and worked by authorized dental specialists. The practices get non-clinical business bolster administrations from Aspen Dental Management, Inc., a dental help association. 

Least Education and Experience: 

  1. Training Level: Associates Degree liked 
  2. Occupation Related/Industry Experience: 1-3 years 
  3. General business information; comprehension of gainfulness, P&L explanations 
  4. Capacity to utilize Microsoft Office Word, Excel applications, and friends operational frameworks 
  5. Physical Requirements: Mostly strolling, talking, standing, and refreshing data in PC frameworks