Medical Case Manager

The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Jan 23, 2020

Client Name

CorVel Healthcare Corporation


Works intimately with protection agents, suppliers, bosses, and lawyers to guarantee proper consideration to restoratively restore harmed specialist to come back to work. Recognizes and prescribes practice techniques and mediations toward an effective RTW and MMI as affirmed. 


  • Gives restorative case the board to people through correspondences with the patient, the doctor, other medicinal services suppliers, the business and the referral source. 
  • Makes proposals with respect to social insurance assets. 
  • Creates case the executive's designs and sets up the case the board objectives. Gives appraisal, arranging, execution, and assessment of patient's advancement. 
  • Assesses the patient's treatment plan for fittingness, medicinal need, and cost viability. 
  • Executes care, for example, exchange the conveyance of solid medicinal gear and nursing administrations. Devises financially savvy procedures for restorative consideration. 
  • Goes to specialists, different suppliers, and lawyer's visits. Goes to the emergency clinic as well as long haul office release arranging gatherings, and whatnot to decide fittingness of care and building up a successful long haul care procedure. Starting home visit for beginning assessment. 
  • Evaluates restoration offices for fittingness. 
  • Uses their medicinal and nursing information to talk about the present treatment plan with the doctor and examine interchange treatment plans. 
  • Performs or oversees engineering evaluation of the patient's home. 
  • Explores therapeutic and network assets for medicinal and network assets for patients with calamitous or constant conclusions, for example, yet not restricted to, AIDS, malignant growth, spinal line damage, diabetes, head damage, back damage, hand damage, consumes, and so forth. 
  • It requires speaking with individuals outside the association, speaking to the association to clients, people in general, government, and other outer sources. This data can be traded face to face, recorded as a hard copy, or by phone or email 
  • Substantial travel required; legitimate driver's permit and acceptable driving record with no petty criminal offenses required. 
  • Keeps up Billable Standard of 1.8 to 2.2 hours per case, every week, working with a normal of 18-24 FCE cases for every month. 
  • Requires customary and reliable participation.