Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant

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Valdosta, GA, USA
Jan 23, 2020

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AppleCare Immediate Care


Why You'll Love this Job 

From the opening of our Brunswick GA facility in 2004, our vision at AppleCare Urgent Care has been to Provide quality, advantageous social insurance for our networks. We work to accomplish this vision through our activities displayed in giving Exceptional Patient Experiences and our surprising representative experience. These activities epitomize our Core Values - Quality, Compassion, Effectiveness, Teamwork, and Trust. 

Presently headquartered in Savannah GA, and working 11 facilities in focal and southeast Georgia, AppleCare is a developing administrator of pressing consideration offices concentrating on the conveyance of non-arrangement based drug to the quick consideration and essential consideration understanding business sector. AppleCare is organized to treat non-new, surprising medical issues and perform fundamental essential consideration for those patients who are not ready to get close to term arrangements or who don't have a family specialist, with insignificant holding up time and a small amount of the expense of a crisis room. 

We are you searching for YOU to join our group! 

  1. Our Advanced Practitioners practice the full extent of pressing consideration and restricted essential consideration administrations conveyed at AppleCare which fall under his/her field of preparing, including yet not constrained to- 
  2. Finding, treatment, and coordination of care for patients of any age needing (however not constrained to): 
  3. Intense consideration in a non-rising setting 
  4. Procedural administrations (Suturing, Dermabond, I and D, toenail expulsion, and so on) 
  5. Pediatric administrations patients from six (6) months (no well-child or inoculation) 
  6. Ladies' wellbeing administrations (no OB administrations) 
  7. Word related Medicine Services (DOT physicals, pre-business and post-mishap physicals, and so forth) 
  8. Quiet Care Leader in the center