Clinical Nurse

The Job Holder
Yosemite National Park, California, USA
Jan 24, 2020

Client Name

US Department of the Interior



The Pacific West Region is enrolling for summer occasional Clinical Nurse, GS-0610-9 positions planned to help perpetual staff with giving medicinal consideration at the Yosemite Medical Clinic. 

Positions might be loaded up with either a full time or low maintenance work plan. 


You fill in as a Registered Nurse (RN) giving an assortment of nursing administrations inside a mobile/earnest consideration setting at the Yosemite Medical Clinic (YMC) and inside the Yosemite Emergency Medical Services System. Obligations include: 

  1. Perceive and react to earnest/developing ailments quickly and suitably. Welcome patients while surveying their present restorative needs inside the benchmarks of the California Nurse Practice Act and expert norms. Foresee and facilitate proper supplies, gear, and documentation required for every individual patient experience. 
  2. Exhibit the capacity to investigate, blend and use quiet information to give ideal nursing care. Apply logical thinking, reflection and levelheaded critical thinking aptitudes, utilizing irrefutable data, and clinical judgment, so as to pick among elective answers for clinical issues. Stick to appropriate Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards and privacy arrangements. 
  3. Show capability in essential nursing expertise; regular models incorporate remedial and indicative infusions (IM/SQ/ID/IV), venipuncture, implantation treatment, inoculations, urinary catheterizations, NG tube arrangement, bowel purge organization, nebulizer medications, spirometry, and EKGs. Perform CLIA Waived research facility administrations, gathers and procedure examples for conveying to reference lab. 
  4. Apply the information and devices of consistent quality improvement in clinical practice and guidance of friends. Take an interest in general wellbeing and populace based consideration exercises, for example, immunization centers, network wellbeing screening, and network outreach. Create training plans for people and gatherings identified with wellbeing advancement and infection anticipation. 
  5. Take an interest in routine Infection Control Practices to guarantee patient and collaborator security. This incorporates sanitization of condition and hardware between patients, cleaning, and disinfection of instruments with steam autoclave and safe treatment of cloth and biohazardous squander. 
  6. Exhibit an elevated level of capability and successful utilization of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in the arrangement of care, giving clear, brief and exact record-keeping through understanding couldn't care fewer experiences. Reliably complete EMR passages that day understanding consideration is conveyed. 
  7. May partake as a supplier in rescue vehicle-based crisis therapeutic administration reaction or potentially field/wild based hunt and salvage reaction.