Registered Nurse - Mid Town (Formerly BloodSource)

The Job Holder
Sacramento, CA 94204, USA
Jan 24, 2020

Client Name



Basic role: 

Under direct supervision, this position is answerable for playing out all obligations identified with the proficient, safe, and consistent assortment of blood and blood items. Works cooperatively as an individual from the group and in arrangement with the estimations of the association. Performs Apheresis Red Cell Collection as well as Plasma Pheresis. Performs Platelet Pheresis as well as Therapeutic Apheresis. 


  1. Plays out every single allocated obligation in consistence with inner SOPs and outer guidelines. Brings consistency issues to the consideration of the board. 
  2. Guarantees quality client care to all clients. 
  3. Keeps up great participation and dependability per the nonattendance arrangement. 
  4. Plays out all obligations identified with the assortment and treatment of blood and blood items (e.g., automated therapeutic screening, phlebotomy, load, set-up, tear down, pack blood, propelled qualification counts, and day by day quality control). 
  5. Imparts all relevant data successfully and auspicious. Carries issues to the consideration of those in power or administration positions, as vital. 
  6. Fills in as a major aspect of a group to accomplish day by day group generation objectives. 
  7. Helps and supports other colleagues, as required. 
  8. Keeps up a perfect and composed work region. 
  9. Drives the organization's vehicle, as required. 
  10. Keeps up total and precise records, including apheresis outlines. 
  11. Exhibits magnificent relational abilities as per current client support measures to speak to a positive picture for the organization. 
  12. Keeps up and guarantees gear, vehicles, and offices are kept up and maintained in great working control. 
  13. Keeps up capability and affirmation for all undertakings required by the position. 
  14. Trains other colleagues on extra obligations/undertakings, as required. 
  15. Plays out every other obligation, at the attentiveness of the executives, as relegated.