Care Coordinator (Remote)

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Remote, OR, USA
Jan 25, 2020

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  • Convey excellent remote help by means of talk, telephone, and email, filling in as one of the specialists on call for any inbound inquiries or solicitations from Forwarding individuals 
  • Encourage mind and streamline handoffs with different gatherings in the social insurance framework, guaranteeing that our individuals get the most excellent consideration 
  • Exhibit sympathy and critical thinking aptitudes as you answer questions, address issues and arrange with outsiders 
  • Triage high obligation issues and raise medicinal concerns when vital 
  • Repeat continually, utilizing client input and your operational experience to enhance what we've constructed 
  • Make steadfastness among clients by adding to the generally speaking Forward understanding 
  • Work cooperatively with a group of friends to understand client issues and complete clinical and regulatory undertakings for the benefit of forwarding's primary care physicians and medical attendant specialists 
  • Middle remuneration is $17/hr. This job does exclude therapeutic or dental advantages.