Patient Care Assistant, 7:00pm-7:30am

The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Aug 17, 2019

Client Name

Emory Healthcare


Plays out all sustenance administration staff level capacities, as required, in the help of different segments in the office. As coordinated and in an organization with office administration, regulates the every day move activity of the different segments, for example, understanding eating administrations, retail/providing food tasks including money taking care of, nourishment generation, stock/getting, putting away and issuing, sanitation and wellbeing. Gives everyday work assignments to staff dependent on staffing calendar and day by day needs prepares as required. Gives contribution to restraining and assessing staff. 


Screens staff consistency of office approaches and methods. Gives contribution to booking needs. Helps division pioneer in different supervisory capacities; organizes staff work exercises, screens and investigates work, screens participation and helps with tending to disciplinary issues as required. Performs supervisory obligations without the division chief. 


May help with ventures to guarantee exact and opportune fruition. A few positions in this arrangement might be centered essentially around giving at work (OJT) preparing for new or existing feasting administration partners, sustenance and nourishment partners or related positions while likewise playing out the essential obligations of an eating administration partner, nourishment and nourishment partner or related position. The occupant gives a contribution to the administrator into the improvement of skills and learning encounters to help OTJ preparing, guarantees that the required learning encounters are given in a planned and sorted out way, assesses the exhibition of every student against the capabilities and reports learner advance toward consistency to the boss or chief. He/she closes down that consistency has been achieved. 

OTJ preparing is given in the genuine workspace to which the student is doled out with the coach working legitimately with the learner by demonstrating each procedure, shadowing and giving criticism as the student plays out the undertaking. The mentor may likewise intermittently help with preparing in a PC study hall setting to show the utilization of programming. Preparing on the method of reasoning for eating routine alterations and the nourishment things allowed on each eating routine change might be furnished related to an enrolled dietitian. Works with the chief to figure a plan for expert improvement. 

Goes to instructive in-administrations as proper. Guarantees staff stick to the Department of Health norms. Follows-up on client protests and endeavors to determine issues. Performs open and close exercises. 


Helps administrator in preparing staff on appropriate nourishment administration prep methodology, creating staff for progression; including new contracts. Directs day by day group clusters and helps initiative with arranging staff gatherings/in-administrations. Plays out all nourishment administration staff level capacities, as booking and operational needs require, in the help of different areas in the division. Performs other related obligations as required. 

Least QUALIFICATIONS: High school confirmation or proportional. Three years of involvement in sustenance administrations. Shown aptitudes in client administration, must probably peruse, compose, and impart successfully. Exhibits basic deduction by making sound decisions while rapidly handling data, critical thinking, and organizing need fittingly. 


Must have essential registering abilities and fundamental math aptitudes. Must keep up Serv Safe guaranteed or accomplish confirmation inside a half year of the contract, if not ensured at the time of contract. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS (Medium): 20-50 lbs; 0-33% of the workday (infrequently); 11-25 lbs, 34-66% of the workday (every now and again); 01-10 lbs, 67-100% of the workday (always); Lifting 50 lbs max; Carrying of articles up to 25 lbs; Occasional to regular standing and strolling, Occasional sitting, Close eye work (PCs, composing, perusing, composing), Physical requests may differ contingent upon doled out work territory and work undertakings. Natural FACTORS: Factors influencing condition conditions may fluctuate contingent upon the appointed work territory and undertakings. 


Natural exposures incorporate, yet are not constrained to Blood-borne pathogen presentation Bio-perilous waste Chemicals/gases/exhaust/vapors Communicable infections Electrical stun, Floor Surfaces, Hot/Cold Temperatures, Indoor/Outdoor conditions, Latex, Lighting, Patient consideration/taking care of wounds, Radiation, Shift work, Travel might be required. Utilization of individual defensive hardware, including respirators, natural conditions may shift contingent upon allowed work zone and work errands.