Wound Care Nurse - RN

The Job Holder
Savannah, GA, USA
Jan 27, 2020

Client Name

RiverView Health and Rehab


Instances of Duties Performed: 

  • Screens any skin issues that the patients may have and treat as requested by the doctor. 
  • Directs and records all treatment meds. 
  • Outlines data in regards to patient's advancement, illnesses, drug, side effects and perceptions. 
  • Performs month to month skin appraisals on patients. 
  • Stocks and gets ready treatment truck. 
  • Follows current government, state, and neighborhood guidelines overseeing nursing care in the execution of allocated obligations. 
  • Controls and records meds following doctor arranges and set up focus approach; takes and records inhabitant imperative signs and gathers research center examples as coordinated. 
  • Gives passionate help to inhabitants and their families.