The Job Holder
Torrance, CA, USA
Jan 28, 2020

Client Name

Torrance Memorial Medical Center


The Staff RN utilizes the nursing procedure to convey nursing care to a given patient consideration populace as it identifies with the consideration set. Nursing care depends on the translation and execution of the restorative and nursing plan of treatment using built-up methodology measures and conventions of people inside the relegated work move. The Staff RN gives nursing care to the populace served in the unit. 

Center Competencies 

  1. Sticks to contamination anticipation rules 
  2. Sticks to approaches, techniques, and models of training to convey protected and ideal consideration 
  3. Surveys persistent history, physiological, and psychosocial status 
  4. Speaks with the patient, family, restorative staff and others during the continuum of care 
  5. Agrees to Joint Commission's national patient wellbeing objectives 
  6. Consents to hierarchical quality dashboard/benchmarking objectives 
  7. Deciphers regular factors influencing understanding consideration and follows announcing the process 
  8. Keeps up administrative consistence predictable with quality benchmarks and moral commitments of the calling 
  9. Takes an interest in exercises in arrangement with the Magnet Model 
  10. Takes an interest in hierarchical exercises 
  11. Takes an interest in Peer Review 
  12. Takes an interest in proficient improvement exercises 
  13. Proceeds as a preceptor in functioning and connected with the way 
  14. Gives age-explicit individualized consideration that supports security from hurt and follows tolerant wellbeing focused mediations/packs 
  15. Gives patient and family training all through the consideration of patient 
  16. Utilizations basic deduction to define and complete a consideration plan as per persistent needs 
  17. Uses assets in a practical way 
  18. Uses safe organization of meds 
  19. Uses Safe Patient Handling