Staff RN - Emergency Room

The Job Holder
Fullerton, CA 92835, USA
Jan 28, 2020

Client Name

St. Jude Medical Center


Occupation Summary 

Job and Responsibilities: 

The RN freely utilizes the nursing procedure to securely, restoratively and productively care for a gathering of patients. Utilizations data from an assortment of sources to survey, plan, actualize, recognize results and assess patient's arrangement of care. 

Data Management: 

Treats all data and information inside the extent of the situation with complete secrecy and security. Nursing administrators and organizers will approach the total therapeutic record of patients under their consideration for clinical or medicinal services activity purposes and might be checked on by the Privacy Officer or designee. All individuals from the nursing staff will approach the total medicinal record of patients who are on the floor or unit to which the staff part is allocated while on obligation and working and all might be liable to audit by the Privacy Officer or designee.