Patient Access Rep II- Full-time 6:30a-3p Mon-Fri and Saturdays occasionally

The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Jan 30, 2020

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Expected set of responsibilities: 

  • Acquires segment and protection data for preregistration/enrollment on all patients. 
  • Imparts emergency clinic's budgetary strategies to all patients. 
  • Distinguishes patients who require early budgetary guiding intercession. 
  • Gathers on self-compensation accounts, co-pay, and deductibles. 
  • Reports monetary plans. 
  • Calendars methods/follow up arrangements. 
  • Guarantees and audits every segment datum for emergency clinic visits. 
  • Broadly educates in different Access Departments and Facilities. 
  • Calendars methods/follow up arrangements in General Patient Registration Millennium Scheduling. 
  • Finishes segment and protection. 
  • Furnishes patients with test data. 
  • Acquainted with Advance Beneficiary Notice, precertification, ICD-10 coding, Medical Terminology. 
  • Speaks with Physician Offices, Staff, and different divisions. 
  • Liable for getting pre-affirmation or potentially oversaw care referrals for inpatient and outpatient experiences. 
  • Different duties incorporate performing confirmation of advantages, request section, and pre-accreditation for elective and crisis affirmations. 
  • Position requires a self-propelled person who can deal with high patient volumes and a quick pace. 
  • Help with departmental work process varying. 
  • Keeps up an exhaustive comprehension of protection, enrollment, booking, referrals, approvals, and record development. 
  • Keeps up information on departmental applications for example Shroud, E-Cashiering, FirstNet, HealthQuest, General Patient Registration (GPR), Enterprise Encounter, Scheduling, Millennium, and Patient Responsibility Pricer, and different frameworks used by Patient Access. Performs different obligations as required. 


  1. Secondary school certificate or proportional. 
  2. Must have in any event 2 years medicinal services related or client assistance experience. 
  3. Information on Medicare, Medicaid, and other business payers (HMO, PPO) liked. 
  4. A partner or four-year college education might be acknowledged in lieu of experience. 
  5. Guaranteed Healthcare Access Associate (CHAA) liked. 
  6. Composing abilities with at least 35 wpm and great relational abilities.