Medical Office Services Coordinator 3

The Job Holder
Sacramento, CA, USA
Feb 02, 2020

Client Name

UC Davis Health System



The officeholder is liable for supporting a domain of natural positive attitude for the training while at the same time giving ideal administrations to patients. This position requires the aptitudes and capacity to deal with the degree of duty and responsibility important to give specific obligations to the division/clinical group for which it is doled out. This position may likewise perform front office obligations steady with that of MOSC II, per operational needs. 

Required Qualifications 

Information on ICD-9 (ICD-10 in the future state), CPT and HCPCS coding rules adequate to precisely recognize administrations performed, including findings, strategies, and supplies. 

Inside and out information on social insurance protection frameworks, which may incorporate Medi-Cal, Medicare, HMO, PPO, expense for-administration, province supported inclusion, and laborers' remuneration, adequate to appropriately get and follow approvals, name patients, make referrals for counsels, diagnostics and auxiliary administrations, organize emergency clinic benefits, finish and submit charging documentation, and disclose arrangements and prerequisites to patients. 

PC capability in utilizing numerous framework applications. 

Favored Qualifications 

Experience acquiring referrals/approvals of human services protection frameworks, which may incorporate Medi-cal, Medicare, HMO, PPO, EPO, and region/state subsidized inclusion. 

Information on practices and conventions identified with restorative office techniques, (for example medicinal wording, arrangements, restorative records, protection confirmation, cashiering, charging, and so on.).