Clinic Intake Specialist

The Job Holder
Hinesville, GA, USA
Feb 03, 2020

Client Name

VES Group, Inc.


General Job Summary: 

Help suppliers and veterans on test days in any way required. General critical thinking in arrangements situated way for the two suppliers and veterans. Update case statuses as accessible. Must have the longing to help our injured veterans with a mindful, positive, and devoted frame of mind. 

Fundamental Job Functions: 

1) Arrive 30 minutes before the planned test; 

2) Display snacks/water/banners/veteran material in the supplier's holding up the region and post VES signs in the entryway; 

3) Greet every veteran quickly, acquire medicinal history, any analytic outcomes or restorative records and give sign-in sheet; 

4) Provide data to the suppliers (worksheets/HX structures/day/face sheets), and help with vitals (weight, stature, circulatory strain); 

5) Document and update OMS remarks for all that you do relating to veterans and suppliers; 

6) Keep all veterans data private and classified; 

7) Assist the veteran in any capacity required; 

8) Always be considerate and deferential; and 

9) Adhere to the neighborhood and remotely applicable wellbeing and security laws and strategies.