Mental Health Technician

The Job Holder
Villa Rica, GA 30180, USA
Feb 09, 2020

Client Name

Tanner Health System


To help with everyday administration of the patient(s) on an inpatient mental unit under the heading of a Registered Nurse, and eventually a Nurse Manager. The emotional wellness tech will help with exercises of day by day living for patients incapable to play out these exercises. The emotional well-being tech will be a vital piece of the patient's treatment and help with bunch exercises which may incorporate co-assistance of gathering exercises under the bearing of the advisor nursing staff. The psychological well-being tech will help with the assortment of imperative signs, quiet data, and accuchecks. He/she is liable for the 15-minute wellbeing checks and aids the de-acceleration of patients on the unit. 


  • Four year certification 

Licenses and Certifications 

  • Social insurance Provider (CPR) 
  • Safe Crisis Intervention for Patients and Professionals