Clinical Lab Coordinator

The Job Holder
Rome, GA, USA
Feb 09, 2020

Client Name

Floyd Medical Center


The Clinical Lab Coordinator gets ready blood and pee for the investigation to analyze, treat and forestall malady. This individual performs testing and reports results through the research facility PC framework. The Clinical Lab Coordinator performs related obligations including quality control, instrument upkeep and investigating, the outstanding tasks at hand recording, inadequate work records, requesting and stocking supplies. He/she follows state and other official guidelines. The Clinical Lab Coordinator composes and organizes outstanding tasks at hand for most extreme profitability. 


A. Training 

1. Secondary school confirmation or GED from a certify organization required 

B. Experience 

1. Least of two years' understanding as a phlebotomist required 

2. Involvement in purpose of-care testing liked 

C. Licensure