Unit Coordinator (Float)

The Job Holder
Palm Springs, CA 92262, USA
Feb 13, 2020

Client Name

Desert Oasis Healthcare


Performs administrative help benefits inside the Immediate Care Department in an exact and powerful way to encourage departmental effectiveness. 

Performs administrative work for the exchange of patients to the hospital or Skilled Nursing Facilities in a predictable way and as indicated by built-up benchmarks, strategies, and systems. 

  • Assists aura of referrals in a reliable and precise way. 
  • Encourages Provider's requests in an auspicious and exact way (STAT Laboratory demands/orders and X-beam orders). 
  • Encourages and keeps up the conveyance of relevant data to suitable offices. 
  • Successfully imparts appropriate data by means of the phone makes line up meetings with PCP. 
  • Dismantles and disseminates graphs and clinical records reliably and properly. 
  • Reports and circulates all messages as per endorsed techniques. 
  • As relegated, inputs and keeps up measurable information so as to produce required reports as mentioned by the Senior Leadership Group in a convenient way. 
  • Guarantees exact coding of charge tickets and charges. 
  • Encourages conveyance of Authorization to Treat in Emergency Rooms. Encourages the conveyance of Emergency Logs to the Medical Director. 
  • Encourages the conveyance of EKGs to appointed Provider to be perused. Encourages the conveyance of X-beam and EKG inconsistency reports to Medical Management. 
  • Encourages the conveyance of duplicates of DME Waivers to Utilization Management. 
  • Faxes Clinicals to Coumadin Clinic on all Coumadin Patients. 
  • Faxes ICSN to Primary Care Providers. 2.10 Faxes X-beam and research facility results to Providers. 
  • Different obligations as doled out.