Patient Experience Coordinator

The Job Holder
Salinas, CA, USA
Feb 13, 2020

Client Name

Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System


Under the supervision of the Chief Administrative Officer/Experience, the Coordinator works with patients and their families to address concerns or extraordinary needs that may emerge during their course of treatment inside the wellbeing framework. The Coordinator goes about as a go-between emergency clinic divisions and the patient/family to realize the best medicinal services treatment and positive emergency clinic experience. The Coordinator helps the Healthcare System in execution improvement exercises, activities, and projects identified with tolerant experience openings. 

Instruction: at least a secondary school recognition or GED required. Four-year certification liked. 

Licensure: None. 

Experience: 1-year involvement with a client-related or administration territory related field in a social insurance setting required. Bilingual in English and Spanish required. 

Fundamental Technical Motor Skills: Use of PC requires fine engine aptitudes and exact eye/hand coordination. 

Relational Skills: Work requires solid relational abilities to manage an assortment of individuals and troublesome circumstances. High level of basic reasoning aptitudes, proactive issue solver and quieting manner. Capacity to discuss adequately with all degrees of staff. Great composed and verbal relational abilities. 

Fundamental Physical Requirements: See appended "Physical Requirements Sheet" 

Fundamental Mental Abilities: High level of worry from managing tense feeling loaded circumstances. Capacity to break down patient fulfillment information in an intelligent way. Work requires the capacity to conform to unexpected changes in the remaining task at hand plan. Capacity to make viable introductions to enormous and little gatherings.