Unit Secretary - Emergency Department

The Job Holder
Gardena, CA, USA
Feb 13, 2020

Client Name

Avanti Hospitals


Performs administrative, secretary obligations and keeps up the physical condition of the Nurses' Station. Performs under the supervision of an authorized attendant, independently doled outpatient consideration exercises dependent on built-up tolerant consideration arrangements and techniques. Takes an interest in quiet consideration as a functioning individual from the medicinal services conveyance group. Reports to a Licensed Nurse, Charge RN, Nursing Director. 

Fundamental Job Duties: 

Shows capacity to organize and sort out administrative/secretary obligations and work process 

Shows capacity to accurately work office gear and keep up a sheltered situation 

Goes along new outlines, keeps up current graphs, records reports from different offices, deciphers MD arranges precisely and convenient to suitable territories under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, deliberates with Charge Nurse in regards to persistent necessities 

Performs fundamental job as per clinic arrangements and systems, administrative norms and satisfies other employment obligations as mentioned inside the degree 

Fills in as a good example for the Mission, Vision, and Values of the association and satisfies other occupation obligations as mentioned inside the Scope of Practice 

Keeps up current skills just as refreshed information in the explicit zone of training